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SDK Has been Assisting Thousands Of

Clients For Over 30 Years With All Their Needs


Sunil Sachdeva is an Insurance Sales Broker, he specializes in Life, Health, Disability and Long Term Care Insurance.


Sunil immigrated to Atlanta from India in 1970 when he was a young boy of 12. He has been in the insurance business since 1986, working for Met Life as a Captive Agent until 2014, when he decided to become a free agent. Sunil wanted to ensure that his company personalized services for his clients.  He channeled this passion to become the signature experience at SDK for all his clients.

Sunil graduated from Georgia State University with a bachelors degree in marketing. He is a sports fanatic and die hard fan of all of his home town Atlanta sports teams - the Braves, Falcons, Hawks!





Renu Sachdeva is an Insurance Sales Broker, specializing in Medicare Insurance. 


Before joining her husband at SDK, Renu spent over 10 years as an accountant and Financial Analyst for GSFC (Georgia Student Finance Commission). After a successful career interfacing with the Department of Education for GSFC, Renu trained for Medicare Insurances.


Renu graduated from Georgia State University with a bachelors degree in Accounting. In her spare time, Renu also works as a translator. She enjoys traveling and reading. 

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